How To Cover Box Spring to Match Hotel Room Décor

Hospitality supplies like box springs are present in the hotel rooms. The box spring is always present in hotel beds because hotel beds have to be springy so that guests can sleep peacefully and enjoy their stay at the hotel. Box spring wraps are available to cover the box spring but they often do not go with the hotel room decor. And instead, ruin the hotel decor.

Covering Of Box Spring to Match the Hotel Decor

There are many ways in which hotels can cover the box spring so that they also get matched with the hotel room decor. Some of the ways to cover the box spring in a way that matches the hotel room decor are as follows:

Wooden Bed Frames

As in a hotel, mostly all the almirahs and other items are made up of wood, so the hotels can look for wooden bed frames to cover the box spring. The color of the wood should be matched with the other things of the hotel and a bed frame that goes with the bed should be applied to the bed to cover the box spring.


This way not only the box spring will be covered but also the hotel room will have one more good thing in its decor. This will look good and amazing.

Fitted Sheets

Hotels can also use white color fitted sheets to hide the box spring. This will go with the hotel decor because the white color is present in every hotel room. The fitted sheet should be tucked nicely into the box spring so that it gives a good finish to the bed and the hotel room.


This way hotels will have a very neat color on the box spring and it will also look good because everything will be in place and as it is a fitted sheet it would get loose or crumpled from any corner of the box spring.


Small wooden drawers can also be kept on the sides of the box spring to cover them. And this way with the drawers, guests will also have some more space where they can keep their unpacked stuff. Drawers can be wooden, then they will go with the hotel decor. Drawers can be small or big, this thing should be applied keeping in mind how much space the hotel room already has.


If the room already has enough space to keep stuff, then hotels should apply small drawers near the hotel room decor and if there is less space then big drawers can be applied. This way people will have some extra space.

Bed Skirt

A bed skirt can also be applied to the box spring to cover it. A bed skirt is a long skirt that hangs from the bed to the floor. The bed skirt is long enough to go to the floor so this also covers the box spring from everywhere. Bed skirts are also white so they also go with the hotel decor and make the bedding better.


These are the ways how hotels can cover the box spring in a way that they go with the hotel room decor.

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